The Real Deal

The Real Deal stands as the preeminent real estate news outlet, with a daily readership comprising millions of professionals and investors. Revered as the quintessential source for breaking news and comprehensive market analyses across key U.S. markets, our platform holds unrivaled prominence in the industry. In my capacity as Art Director, I assumed responsibility for overseeing the entire creative department. This entailed conducting regular meetings with the editorial team to brainstorm innovative content strategies and coordinating the execution of creative projects. I delegated tasks to both in-house designers and freelancers, assigning responsibilities such as page layout design and photo research, while fostering close collaboration with illustrators for commissioned artwork. Despite my leadership role, I remained actively involved in the creative process, continuously refining layouts for the front of the book, feature stories, and pioneering cover designs. Additionally, I meticulously managed the production process, overseeing the finalization and proofing of artwork to ensure the highest standard of quality for our publications. Furthermore, I provided vital support to the sales team by addressing their marketing design needs, thereby fortifying our brand presence and market outreach efforts.